How-To & FAQs

What is Citizen Action Platform?
Citizen Action Platform (CAP) is an open-source, integrated platform designed specifically for civil society organizations (CSOs) to monitor, report, and redress issues with fulfillment of public duties. It provides a mechanism for citizens to report government service deficiencies and have their grievances taken up for redress and response.

Where is CAP being implemented?
CAP is currently in its pilot phase. During this phase, CAP is only addressing the delivery of health services in the Apac district of northern Uganda.

Following the pilot phase, Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) plans to grow the platform for application to health systems delivery in other communities and for other public services.

What is it tracking and monitoring?
Health service delivery breakdown - particularly missing medications, absentee doctors and health workers, solicitation of bribes, lack of medical supplies and poor service delivery

What will it track and monitor in the future?
The ultimate vision for CAP is widespread adoption and effective use by citizens and leaders in developing societies applicable in many developing countries and sectors.

What will CAP accomplish?
The focus of CAP is on improving health service delivery to the poorest citizens – those most vulnerable to the harmful effects of corruption and poor governance. CAP’s aim is to improve health service delivery transparency, reliability and public responsiveness in the Apac region of Uganda.

What if I have an issue other than health care service delivery or outside of the Apac district?
CAP is only accepting reports about health care service delivery issues in the Apac district at this time.

To report other issues of corruption in Apac, contact The Apac Anti-Corruption Coalition(TAACC).

To report other issues of health care service delivery or other forms of corruption in Uganda, contact Anti-Corruption Coalition of Uganda (ACCU).

Track by Category

What do the various issue categories such as service delivery, staffing & personnel, etc., cover?

  • Service Delivery: Lack of accurately priced (including free) quality and safe health services for health promotion; disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management; rehabilitation and palliative care services, through accessible sites of care within public the health system.
  • Building & Infrastructure: Lack of facilities, equipment, infrastructure or financial resources to appropriately deliver health services.
  • Medicines & Medicinal Supplies: Nonexistent, unavailable, irregularly available or inappropriately priced (including charging for what should be free) medication or medical supplies.
  • Staffing & Personnel: Absentee doctors and nurses, inadequate training and technical expertise, or fees charged for care that should be free.

Track by Status

What do the various Complaint Status - Received, Verified, Pending, and Resolved - mean?
The indicated numbers reflect the present status of reported grievances and indicate the present phase of these grievances in the process cycle.

  • Received: Present number of reports that have been sent by citizens to the system, but which are still awaiting verification, submission to duty bearers and resolution. .
  • Verified: Present number of verified reports (factual and relevant to the health sector), which are still awaiting submission to duty bearers for resolution.
  • Pending: Present number of reports submitted to duty bearers at the relevant local and/or national level for which no resolve has been identified yet.
  • Resolved: Present number of reports, for which a course of action has been implemented by health officials to solve the reported problem.